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Slab Lifting

Hotspray Industrial Coatings offers highly effective, minimally invasive and fast solutions for your concrete lifting, structural stabilization, infrastructure repair and soil stabilization needs.

Our Services

Hotspray’s Geotechnical Services Division offers a wide variety of services including concrete leveling, soil stabilization, structural stabilization, infrastructure sealing and repair and sea wall repair. We have access to a wide variety of materials which allow us to provide the proper repair methods for your specific needs.

Our Process

The use of high density foams has been around for four decades. The methods, over the years have been honed to provide high accuracy, long lasting repairs. We have the ability to lift concrete through 5/8 inch or smaller diameter holes and void fill with lightweight, consistent density, non-shrinking materials. The end result is a fully supported slab with as designed or higher load bearing capacity.

The process, in most cases, is the least invasive available in the concrete leveling industry.

  • No need for excavation
  • Fast return to service (within 1 hour of work completion)
  • Minimal disruption to normal operations
  • No need to remove load from treated except as needed for access

Benefits of Polyurethane

Repairs using high density polymers offer many benefits including . . .

  • Small diameter injection holes
  • Fast cure times
  • Excellent compressive and tensile strength values
  • Higher percentage of void fill with non-shrinking materials

Quickly & effectively stabilize sinking, settling concrete with our Hotspray polymer injection. Contact us today to discuss if Slab Lifting is right for your next project!  For more information on our GeoTechnical Services, please visit www.foamjackgeotech.com 

Geotechnical Services


Concrete Lifting – Raising concrete as close to original grade or desired grade as possible by injecting high density foam. Upon completion of lifting, voids are filled to fully support the slab.

Concrete Stabilization– Tipping panels or concrete with voids are stabilized to prevent future damage caused by unsupported slabs.

Soil Stabilization– Soils are stabilized to prevent erosion and lateral migration due to loading. This process can be accomplished using single component stabilizers, high density foams or a combination of the two.

Structural Stabilization– Structures are stabilized through the injection of high density foams into unstable soils. The foam is used to accomplish compaction grouting which increases the load bearing capacity of the soil at depths of from 3 to 60 ft. below existing grade.

A.D.A. Compliance Repairs– High density foams are utilized in the lifting of slabs to match panels and remove tripping hazards. This can be accomplished in sidewalks, building entries and interior areas to bring pedestrian walkways back into compliance with A.D.A. requirements.

Void Filling– Voids caused by erosion, loss of volume due to moisture loss, pest tunneling can be filled and slabs or other subgrade structures re-supported and returned to as designed load service.

Concrete Undersealing– Cracks in concrete allow water to permeate through slabs and degrade supporting soils. Undersealing prevents erosion and fills voids created by this process.

Crack Repair– In conjunction with undersealing, crack filling prevents further damage to slab surfaces including spalling and aids in increasing the service life of concrete surfaces.

Floor Resurfacing and Coating– With a wide variety of options, resurfacing extends the service life of concrete and can add to both aesthetics and slip resistance.

Infrastructure Sealing and Repair– Leaky infrastructure causes voids around the exterior of subgrade structures and excessive water infiltration increases costs in treating both waste and storm water. These issues are easily remedied using both single component and high density foams.

Slab Vibration Mitigation– Slab vibration due to voids can cause calibrated equipment to malfunction and increase down time when more frequent recalibration is required. This is most often noted in higher end precision equipment but can be a problem in simpler motorized equipment with heavy live loads.

Hotspray will conduct an onsite evaluation of your project to determine cause and proper method of repair. We will provide a comprehensive scope of work and pricing for your review with follow up to discuss your repair options. Contact us today to discuss if Slab Lifting is right for your next project!