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Metalizing provides long term corrosion protection to steel, aluminum, and other materials via an arc spray application. It is the most productive and economical of all thermal spray coating systems used to eliminate maintenance issues by solving problems with corrosion. This interlocking type of coating creates extremely strong mechanical bond. The Metalizing System offered at Hotspray Industrial Coatings, Inc. has many benefits. Its controlled spray process allows the coating to be applied to the desired texture creating a traction enhanced surface.

  • Eliminate Maintenance issues
  • Protect against Corrosion
  • Non-Skid Properties
  • Cost Effective
  • Used on many surface types

In addition Arc wire sprayed aluminum is known to provide long term corrosion protection to steel and aluminum, however it can be applied to other metals and materials, including concrete and plastics. Since the coatings are anodic, they will sacrifice themselves to absorb the corrosion that nature intended for the steel. Metalized arc sprayed coatings are slightly different from galvanizing as the coating is more porous and pure. Galvanizing tends to absorb iron into the coating. There is no iron in the Metalized arc sprayed coating. In addition, the arc sprayed coating readily accepts sealer coatings. The net result: the arc sprayed coating life is extended way beyond that expected for galvanizing, and the amount of zinc exposed for dissolution is controlled by the sealer to allow more than 50 years of corrosion protection to steel.

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