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Containment Systems

Our Containment Systems provide a seamless coating that is a puncture resistant and chemical resistant option for your containment and secondary containment needs. Our coatings and Polyurea applications will seal up cracks and crevices with the ability to conform to any shape regardless of size. These systems can also be applied to many different types of surfaces. Whether tank interior, exterior, or secondary containment we would like to discuss long-term solutions with you.

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Hurlburt Field Air Force Base

The Project

Project: Hurlburt Field Air Force Base

Type: Containment Systems

Location: Okaloosa County, FL

Date: 2017

Project Details

Surface Type: Concrete

Surface Preparation: Sweep Blasting

System Applied: High Solids Epoxy Intermediate Coat and Polyurethane Topcoat

Purpose: Overspill Containment

Patrick Air Force Base

The Project

Project: Patrick Air Force Base

Type: Containment Solutions

Location: Cocoa, FL

Date: 2015

Project Details

Surface Type: Steel

Surface Preparation: Built Containment, Sand Blasted to SSPC SP-10

System Applied: Inorganic Zinc Primer with High Solids Epoxy Intermediate Coat and Polyurethane Topcoat

Purpose: Restoration

Seminole County Landfill

The Project

Project: Seminole County Landfill

Type: Containment

Location: Geneva, FL

Date: 2011

Project Details

Surface Type:

Surface Preparation: Blast to SSPC SP-6, fill bug holes and cracks with 100% solid epoxy

System Applied: Two coats of 100% solids Epoxy with Aluminum Oxide Broadcast for traction

Purpose: Refurbish Secondary Containment

Reedy Creek

The Project

Project: Reedy Creek

Type: Fuel Tank Containment

Location: Orlando, FL

Date: 2016

Project Details

Surface Type: Concrete

Surface Preparation: Removed old lining system, pressure washed and prepped surrounding area

System Applied: Primed and applied Polyurea Containment System with #30 Oxide broadcast for traction

Purpose: To re-line secondary containment