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Slab Lifting

Slab lifting is a fast, economical repair process for correcting settled and unstable concrete.  From sidewalks to interstates, and everything in between, slab lifting is economical, fast and effective for economically correcting settlement and instability.

How Slab Lifting Works

Two polyurethane liquid components are mixed and injected (hence also being called polyurethane injection) under pressure below the area or structure being repaired.  The two liquids react with each other, expand, and harden. Our polyurethane foams stay a liquid for a few seconds before expanding to help them spread out from the exact spot they’re injected, but then get harder much faster, and can exert much more force during expansion. The foams we use are specially formulated to be very strong and long-lasting in contact with the ground.

Quickly & effectively stabilize sinking, settling concrete with our Hotspray polymer injection. Contact us today to discuss if Slab Lifting is right for your next project!