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Media Blasting

Surface preparations for a variety of materials including steel, aluminium, concrete, and more.
Media blasting

Media Blasting

Hotspray offers a variety of media and specialized blasting capabilities including:

Conventional Sand Blasting using sand, star blast, garnet and black beauty: To remove existing coatings, prepare new steel and provide surface profile for new coatings to be applied.

Vacuum Blasting using steel grit and garnet: Vacuum blasting is a self contained blasting unit that is 95% dust free. Used to remove existing coatings and profile new steel.

Soda Blasting: Used to remove dirt, grease, and graffiti. Provides a light profile for new coatings.

Sponge Blasting: Has minimal dust, used to remove coatings, prep new steel and also used for lead abatement.

Shot Blasting: A dustless self contained system, used to remove existing coatings and prepare concrete with a profile for new high performance coatings.

Ultra High Pressure Water Blasting: Pulsating water from ultrahigh pressure hydroblasting produces incredible benefits for industrial cleaning & surface preparation.

We look forward to discussing your media blasting and specialty blasting needs.