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Floor Coatings

At Hotspray Industrial Coatings we offer many options in Flooring Systems such as MMA, Epoxy, and Urethane Concrete just to name a few. These broadcast Systems can be applied over concrete, tile, wood, steel, and other properly prepared surfaces. There is an unlimited selection of color options to choose from. Our Floor Coatings have a rapid cure time allowing the whole floor to be completed much quicker than with traditional materials. These Flooring Systems are a perfect solution for commercial kitchens because they are easily cleanable and can be sloped to the drains.

We would be happy to discuss your Floor Coating needs, whether for full flooring applications, or repairs to specialty areas and spalled concrete. At Hotspray Industrial Coatings we will provide you the best options in durability, design and functionality for your space.

* Fast Cure Time
* Chemical Resistant
* Decorative
* Slip Resistant
* Low Odor
* Seamless Application
* Seals Cracks and Crevices
* Non-Skid Optional

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